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I train award-winning web developer.

Thomas Mak, a.k.a. Makzan, has been creating on web for 15 years. He teaches web design and development with books and classes. His latest post is about My thought on Freewrite.

His latest product is ModernWeb.Design—a online learning platform dedicated for web technology.



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My thought on Freewrite

Hello Freewrite. A post shared by Thomas Mak (@makzan) on Feb 8, 2017 at 10:35pm PST It does not become my writing tool. It becomes…

That’s why I hate Google’s navigation.

Don’t rely on a single service

Do not rely on a software company, any software company, to provide you with a servoce for any length of time – especially one that…

2017 software for my productivity day

Software that supports my productivity day: Google Keep to save all my fragmented ideas and inputs. Dropbox to store files based on life roles and…

My current writing stack (Update)

tl;dr I moved back to Ulysses to write and manage my tasks. I have been writing in different editors. I tried the Bear writer recently.…

Testing post publishing from Ulysses app

I’m testing the Ulysses’s new WordPress publishing ability. There are some things to test, including the categories/tags setting and embedding images as well as video…

My current writing app stack

Here is my current writing process. 1. Note-taking: iA Writer (iOS) + Log.md (Desktop) iA Writer has a convenient left/right button in tool bar. I…


I read Justin Jackson’s email on his /now page, which was started by Derek Sivers. The page answers one question: “What are you working on now?”…

Link: Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions

Link: Short note on improving usability of scrollable regions Making a [overflow:scroll] scrollable region operable for keyboard users is pretty simple. Add tabindex=”0″. The region will now…

50% Off for HTML5 Game Development Video

My 2-hour-long video screencast course is now 50% off for the a limited time. Use the code SaHjKFE to get the discount, within 2016 February.