Hello, I’m Mak.

I train award-winning web developer.

Thomas Mak, a.k.a. Makzan, has been creating on web for 15 years. He teaches web design and development with books and classes. His latest post is about Closing of WorldSkills 2017..

His latest product is ModernWeb.Design—a online learning platform dedicated for web technology.



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Closing of WorldSkills 2017.

Coding Rails app with iPad and Cloud9

Almost there. I used iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard yesterday to scaffold a rails application with cloud9 web IDE. Almost there to make C9 fully…

Things to know to get started HTML5 game with socket

We want to build an HTML5/JS game that connect players with socket. Here is what we need to get started: 1. Web socket or socket.io…

A rear fingerprint sensor may trigger accidental purchases.

A rear fingerprint sensor on phone may trigger accidental purchases. When we hold the phone, we may rest our index finger on the rear fingerprint…

The similarity of Medium and YouTube

I don’t like putting business videos on YouTube. Especially the videos that I need to embed in my website. That’s because of the non-controllable video…

Working on iPad is more focus

Using iPad is more focus than using macOS, thanks to the nature of app-based environment vs. window-based environment. Moreover, Mac has so many background processes…

My thought on Freewrite

Hello Freewrite. A post shared by Thomas Mak (@makzan) on Feb 8, 2017 at 10:35pm PST It does not become my writing tool. It becomes…

That’s why I hate Google’s navigation.

Don’t rely on a single service

Do not rely on a software company, any software company, to provide you with a servoce for any length of time – especially one that…

2017 software for my productivity day

Software that supports my productivity day: Google Keep to save all my fragmented ideas and inputs. Dropbox to store files based on life roles and…